3.0 Range

Hikvision has just launched the brand new Turbo HD 3.0 Range of CCTV Products,​ including New HD Turbo Cameras, Recorders and Accessories. Turbo HD 3.0 is the latest evolution of the Turbo HD range and everything just got EVEN better! 

Suitable for internal and external use, wide angle lens cameras enable the camera to monitor general activity.
Cameras are small and tidy and suitable for location inside or outside Retail, Commercial & Industrial premises.
High definition provides the resolution to identify vehicles & people. Rich in colour during day and patented infra-red lighting at night provides crystal clear coverage.

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H.264+ Compression
H.264+ is very advanced compression that reduces the Bandwidth of the video tranmissions by up to 50% & Storage by up to 50%. This means there are less Hard-drives required saving you money.

Longer Transmission Distance
HD Turbo 3.0 Cameras can transmit images over 800metres. Normally this is impossible with Analog cameras limited to a few hundred metres and IP Cameras limited to approx. 100metres.

Tribrid Technology
Turbo HD Tribrid Recorders can accept a variety of cameras, including;
Analog (conventional) VGA/D1 Cameras; Turbo HD Cameras (1-3MP) & IP Cameras (1-4MP)

Higher Resolution Cameras
Turbo HD Cameras are now available with resolution of up to 3 Megapixels

Higher Resolution DVR
Turbo HD Recorders can accept Cameras of up to 5 Megapixels resolution. This means they are future-proofed for future developments of the Turbo HD Camera Range of up to 5 Megapixels. Turbo HD Recorders have a 4K Video Output to display 8Megapixels on 4K LED Monitors and TVs

SMART Features
SMART Features include practical advanced features to get the most from your CCTV; Face detection (not recognition); Defocus detection; Intrusion detection; Many more.

Low-Light Capability
All Hikvision cameras have incredible low-light capability, much greater than the majority of their competitors. Recent developments include their patented EXIR technology and these cameras provide infra-red lighting that makes the images appear like the area is floodlit with infra-red with beautiful balanced black and white images. Dark-Fighter Cameras take it to the next level providing incredible full colour images in almost complete darkness.

HD ISP Clarity
HD ISP feature is what makes these cameras perform so well with exceptionally accurate colours and even greater detail.

Power Protection & Backup
Power your Camera's using our Smart Power Protection & Backup facility. This unique feature will protect your equipment from all types of surges and spikes and provide battery backup to the Recording and Monitoring equipment by default. We also offer the option to protect and battery backup your cameras for the ultimate protection of your investment and your assets.